Stewardship in general is not purely about money, but about time and talents as well. At St Brannock's Braunton and St Anne’s Saunton, a wide range of people give freely of their time and talents to help with fundraising events, serving coffee on Wednesdays and Sundays, cleaning the church buildings, flower arranging, providing home communion, maintaining the two churchyards, ringing the bells and singing in the choir. The list goes on and on.

Other than for the fundraising events however, time and talents do not directly pay our parish share to the Diocese of Exeter, the gas & electricity bills for our church buildings, plus all the other expenditure that running a church within a large community entails. That is why we have to concentrate on money from time to time and encourage planned or additional giving.


Planned giving

Planned giving has the advantage of being regular, to assist cashflow and budget-planning. Making a commitment to support St Brannock’s and St Anne’s financially helps to sustain :

  • the parish clergy team in post, serving the Braunton community in a wide variety of ways
  • the work with young families and children, in local primary schools and at church services
  • the support provided to care for the ill, lonely and bereaved ;
  • a Christian presence to promote the value which matter so much to a local community and society ;
  • our church buildings as places of worship and peace, providing regular services & major festivals, and for those important family occasions in our lives: weddings, baptisms and funerals. They are also open for all to visit.

Ways of giving

By Weekly Envelope:

We will provide you with a box of 52 envelopes dated for each Sunday of the ‘giving year’, beginning each April. Every envelope in your set is stamped with your unique number, known only to the Planned Giving Officer. If your contributions can be Gift-aided, an additional 25% of your contributions is claimed from the government at regular intervals.

The Parish Giving Scheme (PGS):

The Parish Giving Scheme is administered by the Diocese of Gloucester on behalf of a large number of churches across the country. You fill in a simple form which leads to a direct debit being put in place, payable to Gloucester Diocese. They then make a payment to St Brannock’s each month, adding in the Gift Aid 25% and doing all the work to reclaim that extra amount from the government. It saves us time and improves our cashflow, and any amendments you wish to make to the amount or frequency of your direct debit are easy to carry out, via the PGS office by phone or email.

Standing Order:

If you prefer to use a standing order, a form to fill in is available on request to the Planned Giving Officer (see the Contacts tab on this website).

These three methods of giving :

-       help you to plan your giving as part of normal household expenditure ;

-       keeps your giving up to date if you cannot be in church for any reason ;

-       avoids the need to hunt out cash to put into the collection bag at a church


By online payment:

In the modern world of online banking and BACS transfers, we greatly welcome direct financial contributions. The PCC of Braunton account is:  

30-90-49 01038238 .   

When making any contribution, please do put in a reference of Donation, plus your name or a short message.

Confidential Giving

St Brannock’s and St Anne’s has always regarded giving through stewardship as confidential. Of necessity the amount you give will be known to the Planned Giving Officer and in the case of Standing Orders to the Church Treasurer who manages the bank account. Nobody else will know unless you tell them. 

Gift Aid

If you are a taxpayer you can Gift Aid your stewardship giving providing that the total tax recovered does not exceed the tax that you pay normally. Gift Aiding means that for every £1.00 you giving St Brannock’s or St Anne’s get an extra 25p at no extra cost to you.

If you use the PGS then you simply make the Gift Aid declaration when filling in their form, but otherwise we will provide you with a Gift Aid form to return to the Planned Giving Officer.


The Treasurer or the Planned Giving Officer will be happy to discuss or advise upon any arrangements you may have in mind for a tax-free legacy to St Brannock’s and St Anne’s, including any restrictions you may wish to put upon the use of such a legacy. Advice is also available about the Will Aid scheme, which annually offers special low-cost will-making services in support of churches or other charities.